Portraits » Alicia (Black Fae Day)

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I’m vaccinated and back at it, after a 441 day hiatus!

May 8th will be Black Fae Day, a celebration of Black representation in fantasy and fiction.  My friend Alicia (of Kiss A Frog Cosplay) put together this stunning Viceroy butterfly ensemble, and I was more than happy to trek down to a local creek with her and get shooting!  They turned out just as magical as we’d hoped, and I dunno about you, but I’m SO excited to see all the other photos that will be shared on the 8th!  Take a peek at a few faves!

Children » Bailey and Marceline’s Christmas Baking

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I’m obviously a bit biased here, since Marceline is my daughter and Bailey is my niece, but these are some of the cutest holiday photos ever! They had so much fun cracking eggs, mixing dough, and decorating cookies for this shoot. My sister-in-law always has the best photo set-ups!

Children » Grace’s Strawberry Bath

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Does it get any sweeter than this? I think not! She really enjoyed splashing around and snacking on all those fresh strawberries. I love how much the color pops in these photos! If you’re interested in booking a fruit bath session for your little one, shoot me a message!

Cosplay » Magic Knight Rayearth

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Heather and Kristina are two good friends of mine who just happen to be amazing cosplayers.  :)  You may remember them from other shoots I’ve done: Heather’s Highschool of the Dead and Taokaka and their joint Borderlands cosplay.  They asked if I could get some photos of their latest work, Umi and Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth, so OF COURSE I had to! 

Birthdays » Norah is One!

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This was a fantastically fun birthday to shoot!  Norah is such a doll-baby, and her family put together a sweet party for her, complete with Vietnamese food and traditions.  What a blast!

Princess Shoot

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Here’s a small sample from the princess shoot I had with Leah!  With her dark hair and fair skin, she made an adorable Snow White!  Our magic mirror and poison apple paired up with her red headband added some nice pops of color!

Cosplay » Alicia (Lolita)

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Alicia was a BLAST to take photos with!  She wanted shots of her gothic lolita cosplay, and despite the drizzly afternoon and freezing cold, we got some gorgeous pictures on Capitol Street in Charleston.  :)