Portraits » Alicia (Black Fae Day)

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I’m vaccinated and back at it, after a 441 day hiatus!

May 8th will be Black Fae Day, a celebration of Black representation in fantasy and fiction.  My friend Alicia (of Kiss A Frog Cosplay) put together this stunning Viceroy butterfly ensemble, and I was more than happy to trek down to a local creek with her and get shooting!  They turned out just as magical as we’d hoped, and I dunno about you, but I’m SO excited to see all the other photos that will be shared on the 8th!  Take a peek at a few faves!

Babies » Annabelle

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Oh my goodness, this girl!  How precious is she?  It had been a while since her last shoot, and she had just turned 3 months old, so I scheduled an early morning shoot at the park with her mom and grandma.

Well, of course there had to be an absolute downpour the night before (what luck!), so after scouting out a reasonably dry hill, we got to work setting things up.  :)  Baskets, suitcases, mirrors, the works.  I also picked up some apples to bring a pop of color to Annabelle’s pictures, and I love the way they turned out!

Prom » Kiersten & Alex

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Prom photos are a lot of fun — all that glamour and excitement!  Kiersten and Alex wanted a mini-session at the capitol, and even though it rained on us and we had to hide under the columns, we got some nice shots and didn’t get too soaked.  :)

Cosplay » Magic Knight Rayearth

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Heather and Kristina are two good friends of mine who just happen to be amazing cosplayers.  :)  You may remember them from other shoots I’ve done: Heather’s Highschool of the Dead and Taokaka and their joint Borderlands cosplay.  They asked if I could get some photos of their latest work, Umi and Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth, so OF COURSE I had to! 

Class of 2016 » Savannah


Savannah was interested in a more vintage-styled senior session.  We found a flowery patch outside of the park that was perfect for the feel she wanted.  I’m pretty much in love with this shoot!

Birthdays » Norah is One!

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This was a fantastically fun birthday to shoot!  Norah is such a doll-baby, and her family put together a sweet party for her, complete with Vietnamese food and traditions.  What a blast!