Family » The Whites

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I always love doing photos for my family!  Over the holidays, my aunt Tami asked if I’d be able to take some updated family shots for her, since their family has grown quite a bit in the last few years.  It’s not often that their whole family is together; my cousin Daniel and his fiancee Lyn lived in China for several years and are now in California, Isaac’s family lives in North Carolina, Bethany and her hubby live in Ohio, and Moriah is in school at WVU.  I know how much it meant to them to finally have group photos taken!  :)

Family » The Flanagans

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We did a quick half-hour shoot at the Capitol on an unseasonably (wonderfully!) warm day to get a few family shots.  Isaac and Ingrid, the twins, have grown so much since the craziness of their newborn photos!

Babies » Theodore

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I had done a few shoots with the Meddings family before, when little miss Juliana was smaller, but this shoot was for their newest addition, baby Theodore.  :)  Isn’t he a dollbaby?  I especially love the shots I got of these two sweethearts together.

Family » The Lowes

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Not too long ago, I was doing Kayla’s maternity photos for her second baby.  Now that sweet baby Kennedy has arrived, the Lowes needed some fresh photos to show off their new family of four!  :)

Family » The Rogers Family

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This is 3-month-old Annabelle!  Can you say adorable?  :)  This is a fun age for pictures, since babies have usually learned to hold up their heads and you can capture all their little faces.  I’m loving the bonnet in particular.  You don’t see many babies wear them anymore, which is a pity since they’re precious!

Babies » Marshall

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The weather prevented us from doing Marshall’s 3-month followup session on time, so I ended up getting his Valentine’s shots at exactly 4 months old instead.  What a difference that short time makes!  He has such an expressive, adorable face.  :)

Family » The McBees

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Little Marshall was just a few days old when I took these pictures of him and his family.  I always forget how small newborns are until I’m doing photos with them!  :)  His dad is a big Star Wars fan, so we definitely had to incorporate that into his shoot!